Welcome back students and staff!  I am looking forward to another productive term. Term 2 is a nine week term that is packed with important events.

I would like to begin this update with a message of thanks to our parents and care givers. Your understanding of the needs and requirements of Year 11 and 12 students and your support for the teachers and administration here at Sevenoaks is greatly appreciated.  We need your help to ensure your son or daughter has the best possible opportunity of success in the final two years of their schooling. Following up on attendance, ensuring teachers and advocates are contacted when necessary and ensuring your College fees are paid helps us fulfil our duty of providing a quality educational experience uniquely designed for each student here at Sevenoaks.

This term, Year 12 students will be required to sit Externally Set Tasks (EST) which will start in week 2 (May 9 and concluding on May 15). These tasks are developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCASA) and make up part of each student’s course assessment. It is very important that students sit these tasks at the assigned time provided by their classroom teacher.  In week 5 of term two, our Year 12 students will sit their semester one examinations (Monday 28 May until Friday 1 June) with Year 11 students will sit their exams in week 5, beginning on Thursday 31 May concluding on Friday 8 June.  Examination timetables will be provided to students closer to the examination dates.  Semester two course content will begin to be taught on 13 June.

Our very successful Pathways Program will be back up and running in week one of term 2 (Year 12) with both Year 11 and Year 12 ATAR students meeting each Wednesday afternoon. These sessions are extremely valuable and I urge all ATAR students not to miss a single sessions. The content of this program has been specifically designed to support and educate ATAR students so that they are well placed to achieve outstanding ATAR results.

Students and parents are urged to note that in week 6 of term two we celebrate Western Australia Day (Monday 4 June) and this is a public holiday. The following Tuesday (5 June) is a teacher professional development day and students do not attend College on this day.

Our Semester 1 report evening will take place on Wednesday June 27 from 3.00pm until 6.00pm. It was very pleasing to see close to one hundred and forty parents attend the term one Progress Report evening and I am sure those parents that did attend enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with course teachers and administration members to discussing their child’s progress.  I was also delighted that a new P&C committee was elected on this evening and that some progressive decisions were made at the very first P&C meeting!  Our second P&C meeting will also take place on the semester one report evening at 5.00pm.

We always enjoy our Term 2 sporting calendar with AFL, soccer, basketball and volleyball teams enjoying some winter sporting opportunities. Good luck to all of our teams and I hope that the students involved first and foremost have fun and enjoy meeting new friends.

If you would like to speak with me about any particular issue I am available. Please make an appointment at the College reception.