Welcome to term one everyone; what a terrific start we have had here at Sevenoaks!  Classes are well underway and students and teachers are busy with their courses and VET programs.  I am delighted to welcome new students to our lovely campus and I am also very pleased to welcome several new staff members: Ms Shaw (English), Mrs Thillagaratnam (English), Mrs Obeng (Science and Mathematics) and Ms Mcleay (Physical Education and Health).

I am very pleased to let students and parents know that our 2017 College Dux, Aquila Bashir, achieved an outstanding ATAR score of 97.2 Aquila is now at university working towards her degree in Science.  Also, it is very pleasing to note that thirty nine ATAR students (93 per cent) who applied for university were offered placements with twenty four General studies students also gaining entry to university via preparation and access programs. We wish all of these students the very best as they pursue their university qualifications.

We are very proud of our School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCASA) 2017 Award winners. A record sixteen students received various award from the Authority. A prestigious VET Exhibition Award was presented to Kyle Kerton-Hall who also received a VET Certificate of Excellence.   Kyle studied VET at our industry standard, 4.5 million dollar automotive and metals and engineering Trade Training Centre. Other SCASA winners are listed below:

  • VET Certificate of Excellence                       Shakira Gonzalez-Tammen
  • Special VET Certificate of Excellence          Macauley Cunningham
  • Certificate of Distinction                                Nasteha Omar
  • Certificates of Merit:
    •  Lucky Baghel
    • Aquila Bashir
    • Joshua Dutosme
    • Mona Mohamed
    • Linh Nguyen
    • Rida Parekh
    • Sara Putri
    • Khooshil Puttoo
    • Yasmin Sagaale
    • Grace Sarota
    • Julie Anne Vicente
    • Charlotte Wheeler

We are also celebrating the wonderful achievement of our Year 12 Follow the Dream Aboriginal students who all achieved their WACE in 2017 (100 per cent). Congratulations to the students and the hard working staff involved with this inspirational program.

If you have had a chance to look at the term one school planner on our school web site (www.sevenoaks.wa.edu.au) we have a busy and exciting calendar of events. Importantly, all students will participate in our Advocacy program Harmony and Diversity that begins next week. This innovative program, specifically designed for our College, by our staff, will help equip students and staff with greater skills and knowledge to better understand the social and cultural diversity of our College population. I am thrilled that we are such a culturally diverse community and that we welcome students from all walks of life; this enriches our campus and our learning experiences. It is very important that students enthusiastically participate in the Harmony and Diversity modules.

So, what is happening in term one?

20 February                        Year 12 Student Guild Elections

21 February                        Year 11 Assembly

23 February                        Year 12 Ball

5 March                               Labour Day Holiday (no students)

6 March                               Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) begins in College library

13 March                             Year 11 Guild Elections

21 March                             Sevenoaks Harmony Day Festival

27 March                             College Board Meeting

28 March                             Term One Progress Report Night (3.00pm – 6.00pm)

28 March                             P&C AGM (5.30pm – College Boardroom)

30 March                             Easter Friday Holiday Break (Students return Wednesday 4 April)

5 April                                   Guild Camp (5, 6 and 7 April)

13 April                                 Last Day of term

I am sure all of our students will enjoy participating in a number of these events. Our annual Harmony Day Festival is not to be missed.  Parents and community members will also have the opportunity to enjoy this vibrant, colourful celebration of our cultural diversity.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with students, parents and caregivers throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues and please feel free to make an appointment to speak with me if you have the need.