Our Year 12 students are busy ensuring that they have submitted all of their work and of course our ATAR students are now focusing on reviewing and studying their notes and assignments in preparation for their up-coming  ATAR examinations.  I am very happy with the diligent approach that our Year 12 ATAR students recently had towards their ‘mock’ examinations that ran over the school holiday period. These examination are difficult, however, they are necessary in order to not only help assess students, but to prepare them for their final external examinations that begin on October 29. Please make sure you attend the planned ATAR revision sessions that many of your teachers are conducting.  I wish our Year 12 ATAR students the very best for these important exams.

Our Year 11 students are very busy ensuring they have completed all of their assessments and VET units of competency and are ready for their examinations that begin on November 12.  Many of our Year 11 students will also be involved in a two week block of Workplace Learning that begins on November 19. Make sure you go to your work placement each day on time and be ready to learn, help out and enjoy yourself!

One of the more memorable events that occurs each year is the Year 12 farewell breakfast that is held in the College café. Teachers enjoy sharing this time with the students before they leave us and move onto the next exciting phase of their life.  I am looking forward to seeing students and staff at the breakfast that begins at 7.30am on October 19.  A reminder to Year 12 students that they are required to attend two Presentation Ceremony rehearsals in the College gymnasium; one on Thursday 18 October at 9.00am and another immediately after the Year 12 Farewell Breakfast on Friday 19 October.

I am also looking forward to our Year 12 Presentation Ceremony to be held at the Astral Ballroom, Crown Entertainment Complex, on Saturday November 3 (10.30am- 12.30pm) where we can all celebrate the wonderful achievements of our Year 12 students.  I hope to speak with parents and caregivers at this event which is a highlight of the College calendar.

This term the Sevenoaks Senior College staff will spend two orientation days with our Year 10 transitioning feeder school students (Cannington Community College and Yule Brook College) on December 3 and 4.  Year 10 students will have another opportunity to meet their teachers and familiarise themselves with the College community before they begin their Year 11 studies in 2019.  We are very much looking forward to spending time with our feeder school students as they begin to learn about senior school courses and requirements.

We are currently taking enrolments for 2019 and I am pleased to say that our enrolment numbers are strong. If you are thinking of enrolling a new student at our College please make an appointment with Mrs Fiona Thomson, the College Operations Coordinator, to complete the necessary documentation (9356 4900).

It is very important for the future operations of the College that our 2018 student school fees have been paid and I am aware that a number of payments are still outstanding.  Can I request that parents and caregivers complete payments at the College reception before the end of the school year on December 13.  The next fee statement will be mailed to parents in week 5 (5-9 November). Payment of fees ensures we are well placed to offer students the opportunities they deserve.

I am available to meet and speak with parents so please feel free to contact the College if you would like to make an appointment.

Dr Kath Partridge