Sevenoaks College has been represented by three senior teams in the 2016 Champion Schools Football (Soccer) competition throughout term two.

The first match for the Sevenoaks/Cannington girls soccer team unfortunately ended in defeat at the hands of Rehoboth College in the Round Robin Phase of the competition, while the Sevenoaks A boys team was too strong for the college B team. The Round Robin group competitions, which the boys A and B team are still involved in, will continue throughout June, after which time the Knockouts will take place, followed by the Finals and the Grand Finals in September.

All participants have demonstrated a consistently positive attitude and an impressive degree of resilience. It was also very pleasing to see such a large number of students and staff attending the matches as spectators and offering their support to the players. We look forward to continued involvement in the interschool soccer competition and wish the boys in the Sevenoaks A and B teams the best of luck for upcoming matches.

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