Sevenoaks Senior College has formed a close relationship with Yule Brook College to establish a joint Aboriginal Community Partnership Agreement. The Agreement was officially launched on 31 October 2013 after 18 months work including school reviews, community surveys, Aboriginal Education Team meetings and Community Reference Group forums. This Agreement is an integral component of the Aboriginal Innovations Schools Project.

The College Principal at the time, Dr Karen Read, noted that the Agreement was “one of a kind in Australia”. The Agreement is called Moort Barang Waangkiny, which translates from Noongar to English as “families, coming together, talking”. The partnership intends to support Aboriginal students making the transition to senior school.

The Aboriginal School Community Partnership Agreement is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Successful transitions lead to successful life outcomes.
  • Student needs are at the heart of all program connections and mentoring across the colleges.
  • Our communities are committed to learning together.
  • Opportunities to share, understand and celebrate the local Noongar culture are conducted in a manner that is respectful and consistent with the reconciliation process.
  • Respect for the values of cross-cultural learning develops and promotes effective communication.

The launch was a celebratory event with special guests, including Ken Wyatt MP, and students and staff from both schools. The school was treated to fantastic performances from student groups, the Black Swan Theatre and the Yonga Boys, and a unique symbolic mosaic, created by a local Aboriginal artist, was unveiled.

Sevenoaks current Principal, Dr Kath Partridge and her staff continue to promote the relationship between our College and the Aboriginal community.