Sevenoaks Senior College Principal’s Message Term Two

Term two is underway!  Welcome back to College everyone; it is lovely to see students and staff enjoying catching up after the holiday break.

Every day matters at Sevenoaks and attending every zone of learning is vitally important. I urge all students to quickly re-focus their energy onto the important job of learning.  Completing class work and home work and making sure you are up to date with your studies will ensure you are well placed to reach your educational goals this term.  Don’t forget, your Advocate and your teachers are here to assist and support you so please seek them out for help. If you have missed out on some work or if you are not sure how to do something in your class go and speak to your teacher.

It is a busy term with Year 12 students sitting semester one examinations in Week 6 (29 May until 2 June) and Year 11 examinations taking place in Week 7 (6 June until 9 June).  Year 12 students will also participate in Externally Set Tasks (EST) this term. It is imperative that students attend and complete these tasks (a requirement of the School curriculum and Standards Authority).

Semester one course work will cease on June 13 with semester two curriculum beginning on June 14. Students will also receive their semester one reports this term with Parent Report Evening occurring on June 28.

This term we also turn our attention to health and wellbeing with a number of fantastic opportunities for students and staff. Our sporting teams will represent the College on the field and court. I wish all participating students the best of luck. Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience.  We also have a couple of new healthy initiatives this term; the 10 000 Step Challenge and a Jump Rope for Heart event. Our very capable Student Guild will be supporting both of these initiatives and I urge students and staff to jump on board and get involved with these fun occasions.

Year 11 students who are enrolled in Workplace Learning will participate in a block of work from June 6 until June 9 (week 7).  Students involved in this course often receive outstanding grades and feedback from their employer because in the workplace different skills are demonstrated and we often see students operating in a professional, ‘business like’ manner.

I am incredibly positive about students participating in Workplace Learning as I have seen first-hand the impact and benefits that this type of ‘hands on’ course can have on young people. A number of our students find part time employment from their Workplace Learning opportunities.  Students are also better informed about their career interests once they have experienced work in a business or industry that they may be considering as a future area of study or employment.  All the best to those students venturing into the workplace!

At Sevenoaks Senior College a number of additional support personnel are employed to assist and help students manage their busy and sometimes complex lives. Our College Youth Workers, Niamh, Louise and Michelle; our College Nurse, Vanessa and our School Psychologist, Les, along with teacher Advocates (whose role at the College is to guide and mentor a group of students) are all available to ensure students are well supported whilst they are completing their studies with us.  Don’t forget that I am also available to speak and meet with students and parents so please feel free to make an appointment to see me if you so need.

Enjoy a busy Term Two! I look forward to chatting with students as I move around the campus.