Canning Skills teachers, Student Support Co-ordinators and Teaching Assistants all worked together in Term 3 to plan, manage and deliver the Health & Fitness Program. We successfully applied for the Healthway – Health Promoting School grant which funded the entire program.  The Program’s aim was to improve team working skills and increase awareness and enthusiasm hopefully leading to a healthier lifestyle. Jungle Sports ran three sessions that promoted communication skills, organisational skills, teamwork and problem solving.  We also ran an 8 week program where half of the group attended a gym instructor- led session at the Leisureplex. The remaining half experienced a mindfulness session with support from Vanessa, the College Nurse, and then played sport. Results of the student evaluation showed that 86% of students enjoyed the team games and 75% of students said they had learned about teamwork during the sessions.  Healthy eating was promoted throughout the year with weekly cooking sessions that focused on cooking nutritious food from scratch.   Overall the students enjoyed the program.