As students work to complete tasks and projects before the term three holidays, teachers are preparing for a busy time marking the up-coming examinations that our Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) students will sit during the term break.  Year 12 students who are completing stage 2 and 3 Western Australian Certificate of Education courses have been given a timetable and know when and where to report to for these important exams. It is most important that all ATAR students attend these examinations.

Recently parents and caregivers would have received a copy of the latest College newsletter that provides a comprehensive calendar of events for the rest of the year. Included on this calendar is the dates for the Western Australian Certificate of Education examinations. These examinations, unlike the upcoming year 12 holiday exams will not be held at Sevenoaks Senior College. Mrs Earl, our career advisor, will prepare students so that they know exactly where their exams will be held and what needs to be taken to each examination.

It is also a busy time for our year 11 students who will be sitting examinations in term four. Students studying stage 2 and 3 courses will sit examinations from 17 to 21 of November with parents receiving year 11 reports shortly afterwards.

We are excited to be hosting our prospective 2015 year 11 students from December 1 until December 5.  They will enjoy a variety of experiences including Advocacy sessions, course information sessions, lunch and activities to help students get to know each other and begin to connect with Sevenoaks administration, teachers and support staff.

This week, the last week of term three, I am delighted to be hosting fifteen Principals from various schools across Indonesia. Our learned colleagues will spend time in our classrooms and listening to presentations.

I wish students a restful but rewarding (especially for our year 12 students sitting examinations) holiday. I am looking forward to term four and to attending our year 12 Presentation Ceremony that will take place on Saturday 15 November at the Cannington Exhibition Centre. This event is a very special time for our year 12 students and families.