From the Principal

Welcome to term three

I would like to welcome students and staff back to Sevenoaks Senior College after what was hopefully a restful term two break.  I would like to extend a warm welcome to parents and caregivers who may be reading this new web page for the very first time.  I hope our College site provides you with the information you are seeking.

At this time our sympathy and thoughts are with the relatives and friends of those taken so suddenly in the recent MH17 air disaster. Recently Sevenoaks staff gathered for a day of professional learning and we reflected on this dreadful incident and acknowledged how lucky we are in this country to be safe, not having to deal with the immediate perils of conflict and war.

Term three brings with it a number of challenges for students across all learning programs.

Advocate teachers are focusing on working with each student to ensure that appropriate classroom goals and career goals are in place as students continue to work to improve their academic standing.  Our experienced Advocates understand the need for one-on-one support, especially after the completion of semester one examinations and the circulation of semester one reports. Teacher Advocates always work hard to ensure each student has every opportunity to improve their performance and reach their true potential. Students are well advised to review their goals and strive to achieve them; attend every class and complete classroom assignments within the given time requirements.

Parents and caregivers continue to play a very important support role; working constructively with College staff to ensure their son or daughter is well positioned to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully move from Sevenoaks into the next career phase of their young life.  Teacher Advocates and classroom teachers may, from time to time, contact home to speak with parents about issues. Parental and caregiver input and support is greatly appreciated.

Classroom teachers are spending some time reviewing examination practices, student results and speaking with students about how to manage examination situations and requirements.  Expectations will no doubt be voiced about how every student still has considerable time left at the College to move forward and improve their semester one standing.  I urge all students to speak openly to their teachers about any areas of concern with their course work and I also urge every student to work hard this term to ensure they are in a strong academic position leading into their semester two examinations and completion of their learning program.

Students involved in Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs continue to achieve outstanding results and no doubt will be focusing on completing their industry certificates before the end of the year. We are extremely proud of our outstanding VET achievements. Most recently Benita McGinty (Year 12 2013) was awarded an Australian Vocational Student Prize for 2013 and Hayden Thorne (Year 12 2013) achieved a 2013 Vocational Student Prize and, in addition, was also awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Skills Excellence in School in the Western Australia State Award category.  I’m proud to say, it is not the first time Sevenoaks Senior College has achieved such awards.

Parents and caregivers are always welcome at our College and I am personally available for meetings.