Advocacy Program

The Advocacy Program is our major strategy for the provision of pastoral care to all students at Sevenoaks Senior College.

It is a mentoring program based on the firm belief that teachers have a commitment and duty to support students in a holistic sense whilst they are here with us.

The personal, social and emotional support provided to our students is grounded in the knowledge that students who find their learning environment comfortable and supportive, engage more successfully in learning. As such, the Advocacy Program is also an integral part of the learning program at Sevenoaks.

Features of our Advocacy Program:

  • Each student is linked to a teacher advocate who has the special role of providing that student with essential support.
  • All teaching staff are assigned an advocate group of up to 16 students.
  • Each student and his or her advocate maintain regular contact and the advocate assists each student to adjust to the more adult learning environment at Sevenoaks.
  • The advocate becomes the student’s first contact for any issues that need to be discussed about college life and parents; students and advocates develop strong partnerships to ensure the best educational outcomes for each student.
  • Whilst the focus is to support the student as a learner, the advocate also assists the student to deal with any issues that may be causing the student to become distracted from achieving their educational and personal goals.