Integrated Science Excursion

As part of the Year 12 Integrated Science Unit 3 program students complete a study of ecology. Three classes attended the 15 March excursion to the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) which allowed students to observe the practical implications of these studies in ecology. This involved visiting the Kent Street Weir to compare the living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) factors of the ecosystem and analyse how the weir has impacted upon the natural environment.

This opportunity provided students with a truly authentic learning experience, as the upstream side of the river was experiencing an algal bloom – one of the greatest negative effects of human impact which causes extensive problems including fish kill. Students measured the abiotic factors using probes (temperature, pH and salinity), turbidity tubes and phosphate test kits to identify differences in the ecosystems.

The excursion encouraged students to have a great time outdoors, actively involved in hands-on, real life science.


ATAR University Visit

On the first week of the April school holidays Year 12 ATAR students were treated to a unique opportunity to experience university life during an excursion to ECU Joondalup, Murdoch, Curtin and UWA campuses.

Those who participated were provided with some personal insights delivered by university representatives and then guided through a variety of faculties including the Engineering, Health, Nursing, Business and Science Departments. Students were also invited to sample the Market Day food stalls at Murdoch as well as conduct an experiment at ECU’s science lab. The excursion required the students to negotiate public transport to the universities in order to engage their sense of time and orientation.

The ATAR students were grateful for the chance to take part in such an authentic and meaningful encounter of university life; they are eagerly looking forward to joining the various university environments next year upon graduating from Sevenoaks Senior College.

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Soccer Competition

Sevenoaks College has been represented by three senior teams in the 2016 Champion Schools Football (Soccer) competition throughout term two.

The first match for the Sevenoaks/Cannington girls soccer team unfortunately ended in defeat at the hands of Rehoboth College in the Round Robin Phase of the competition, while the Sevenoaks A boys team was too strong for the college B team. The Round Robin group competitions, which the boys A and B team are still involved in, will continue throughout June, after which time the Knockouts will take place, followed by the Finals and the Grand Finals in September.

All participants have demonstrated a consistently positive attitude and an impressive degree of resilience. It was also very pleasing to see such a large number of students and staff attending the matches as spectators and offering their support to the players. We look forward to continued involvement in the interschool soccer competition and wish the boys in the Sevenoaks A and B teams the best of luck for upcoming matches.

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Ukelele Lessons

Sevenoaks Senior College students were excited to be given the chance to play the ukulele when Ms Karen Wallis, a new EAL/D teaching staff member in 2016, showcased her unique musical ability using the instrument during a demonstration and practice session on Harmony Day.

As a result of enthusiastic student interest, Ms Wallis now runs a regular Wednesday lunchtime lesson. Those who are keen to learn more or to receive specialised, personal guidance from Ms Wallis are encouraged to attend the free lessons held at the beginning of Wednesday lunchtimes at the front of the school.

Please note that places are limited and that future plans include more experienced students coaching those who join at a later date.


Parent Night Barbeque

For the second consecutive year, the Certificate II English as an Additional Language (EAL) students hosted a barbeque for those parents who attended the Progress Report Evening. Like last year when the event was first successfully launched, parents, teachers and students enjoyed dining on an authentic Australian barbeque buffet as well as sampling some of the delicious international offerings provided by students who wanted to share food from their home countries.

The event proved to be another wonderful opportunity for the school community to unite and celebrate the diversity and multicultural nature of the college as well as to discuss academic achievement, in keeping with the purpose of the evening to report on student progress in specific subjects.

Once again, the EAL barbeque resulted in a very pleasing turn out. Over 30% of the students at Sevenoaks come from non-English speaking backgrounds and the event provided a relaxed and enjoyable environment for teachers, students and their parents to interact.

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2016 Guild Camp

The annual Guild Camp was held late in term one at Manjedal Scout Camp near Byford. The purpose of the camp was to allow the newly elected Year 11 and 12 Student Guild members to bond as a group and to develop strong leadership and team working skills.

The students were required to face their fears by tackling the challenging high ropes, flying fox and commando course. A range of trust-based activities that took place within the natural bush environment and the daily task of food preparation also encouraged students to recognise the importance of collaborative efforts when working towards a common goal.

As in previous years, the Guild Camp was very successful and provided those students who attended with a highly valuable and enjoyable learning experience.




Workplace Learning Deadly Induction

On Tuesday 05 April 2016, Aboriginal students were invited to attend a session titled “Deadly Induction” involving a range of entertaining and engaging guest speakers who shared positive stories of workplace learning and the value of employment.

Kayleen Hayward provided the “Welcome to Country” and then two ex-students, Trevor Armstrong and Jasmyn Yavu-Kama, shared their own experiences of workplace learning with our current students who will soon embark on the same journey.

Both guest speakers are now in paid employment and were able to powerfully impart the importance and value of working. Students were also provided with the perspective of two employers who explained what to expect in the workplace and what specific qualities employers are seeking. The event continued with a discussion about types of work programs and available support agencies.

Vince Casey from SMYL discussed support offered to students both during their schooling as they work to achieve Aboriginal School Based Traineeships as well as post-college. Students also gained invaluable advice from Kayleen Hayward about some of the obstacles that they may face, such as getting to work experience promptly, and how potential problems can be effectively resolved.

The induction was a resounding success. The session was very well-attended and the audience members reported that they found all of the discussions and real-life scenarios that were covered to be interesting, motivational and informative.


Anzac Day 2016

The Sevenoaks College community recognises and appreciates the enormous sacrifices and strong patriotic spirit associated with the ANZACs and was particularly proud to be represented by James Hall (Head Boy) and Mary Macdonald (Head Girl) at the City of Canning ANZAC service.

The solemn, respectful occasion was held at the new City of Canning War Memorial and Civic Amphitheatre. The service involved representatives from many facets of the larger community, including political and public figures as well as local organisations and schools. James and Mary laid a wreath at the war memorial recognising 100 years of ANZAC Day commemorations.


More homework help in Term 2

Between sports, work and appointments it can seem hard to find enough space in a student’s busy schedule for their all-important homework and study.

That’s why the school’s popular YourTutor service will be open 7 days a week this May, including Saturdays (12pm-9pm AEST), to help our students with all their after-hours homework questions.

Students log in and get help instantly from live, professional tutors in English, maths, chemistry, biology, physics, research and more. Fridays and Saturdays are staffed exclusively with English and maths experts only, to serve the higher number of students seeking help in those core subjects.

For more information about this service and how students use it, contact Natasha Georgiou in the Library.

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