2017 Term One Message

Term One Message from the Principal, Dr Kath Partridge

Welcome back to College everyone and thank you for taking time to read this update. Term One, a busy, ten week term, has started smoothly with both Year 11 and Year 12 students settling into their new courses extremely well. Our student population is larger than in 2016 and we are delighted that so many students are making the move to Sevenoaks Senior College.

It is a great pleasure that I can share with students, parents and community members some of the considerable successes of our 2016 graduates.  100 per cent of our students, who were seeking university course entry, have gained placements. In total thirty eight students have been accepted and are studying at a variety of universities this year.  Our ATAR students achieved the highest ever median ATAR score of 80.45 in the sixteen year history of the College. This is an extremely pleasing result along with our Year 12 VET students (not enrolled in four or more ATAR courses) achieving 100 per cent completion of a certificate II or higher.

Congratulations to our College DUX and Caltex All Rounder recipient James Hall who has enrolled in a Master of Teaching degree at the University of Western Australia.  Our top ATAR student was Gowdame Lakshmanan with a score of 94. Gowdame is studying Human Biology Preclinical at Curtin University of Technology.

We are delighted that three of our top performing VET students were recognised in the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCASA) honours list. Caleb Fetterroll, Peter Pingault and Richard Indich each received a SCASA Excellence Award. It is also very pleasing to report that these young men have successfully secured outstanding apprenticeships. Richard is now at the Crown Entertainment (Commercial Cookery) Peter, at Komatsu (Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic) and Caleb is at PJL Group enjoying his Boiler Maker apprenticeship. Many more of our VET students have moved into terrific apprenticeships and workplaces and we wish them all the very best.

I am looking forward to catching up with parents, caregivers and Year 11 and 12 students at our up-coming ATAR information evening (15 February 2017). This session, which will be conducted in the College Lecture Theatre between 7.00pm and 8.00pm, is designed to inform parents of ATAR students about the requirements of ATAR courses, including homework and study; useful ways that parents can support students who are planning to go the university; how students ATAR marks and grades are calculated as well as useful information about the pathways students now can access to gain entry to university. Our Vice Principal, Mr Dave Proctor and our College Career Coordinator, Mrs Brenda Earl, will present at this important event.

This term all students will participate in specially designed Advocacy modules entitled Harmony and Diversity. These modules are designed to help equip students and staff with greater skills and knowledge to better understand the social and cultural diversity of our College population.  Recently, teachers at the College participated in professional learning to enable them to facilitate the delivery of the Harmony and Diversity modules.

As I mentioned earlier this term is a busy ten week term involving many important events and opportunities:

  • 15 February       ATAR Parent Information Evening
  • 21 February       Year 12 Student Guild Elections
  • 28 February       Harmony and Diversity Advocacy Modules begin
  • 10 March             Year 12 College Ball
  • 14 March             College Board Meeting
  • 14 March             Year 11 Student Guild Elections
  • 22 March             Harmony Day Festival
  • 29 March             Parent Report Evening – Student Progress
  • 29 March             P&C (AGM)
  • 7 April                  Last school day Term One


There is always something happening at our vibrant, progressive College and I urge all students to get on board and get involved with these fantastic events. Of course our Harmony Day Festival has a reputation for being one of the best annual cultural events in our local community.

I am always happy to meet and speak with students, parents and caregivers. Please feel free to make an appointment and come and see me.  I look forward to catching up with you this year.




2016 Term Four Message

We have celebrated the conclusion of schooling for our Year 12 students at the Astral Ballroom, Crown Entertainment Complex. The occasion marked the formal acknowledgement of the achievement of our young men and women as we congratulated and farewelled them.  It was an uplifting ceremony shared by 140 Year 12 students, 700 guests including many dignitaries.

Our highly sought after College Excellence Awards were present to two very worthy recipients. Albert Luwi was named the Outstanding Achievement winner and was provided with his award from Board member Associate Professor Jan Gray; whilst James Hall was awarded the College Dux presented by Professor Marnie O’Neill, Chair of the College Board.   A number of other prestigious awards were also conferred at the Presentation Ceremony including;

Award Award Recipient
Cultural Navigator Farzana Syed Abdel Ahmed
Positive Image Caleb Fetterroll
Citizenship Bianca Morgan
Caltex All Rounder James Hall
Aboriginal Achievement Shania-Lee Kickett
School Based Traineeship Byron Hall
Westscheme Award for Excellence in VET Caleb Fetterroll
Kertisha Dershaw Sports Award Albert Luwi
Caltex All Rounder (Education Support Centre) Mary Jane Middlecoat
Westscheme Award for Excellence in VET (Education Support Centre) Michael Hughes
Cummins Trade Training Centre Peter Pingault


We are of course very proud of the efforts of our award winners and the entire Year 12 cohort who have spent the past two years with us here at Sevenoaks.  On behalf of the staff and College Board I wish all students the very best for their future endeavours.

Over the past few weeks our Year 12 ATAR students have been sitting their final external examinations.  Also our Year 11 students have been very busy completing assignments and sitting their end of year examinations here at the College. We still have students completing work and more than fifty students are currently out in the local community participating in Workplace Learning opportunities (21 November until 2 December).  Year 11 reports will be mailed home before the end of the year and we are very much looking forward to seeing all of our Year 11 students back at Sevenoaks in 2017.

Congratulations also to our Canning Skills Big Picture Academy students who have also finished their studies. I am delighted to see so many students who are involved in this re-engagement program achieve a completed Certificate II along with other SCASA courses.

Our latest newsletter is now available on our College website www.sevenoaks.wa.edu.au.  I encourage all parents and care givers to spend a few minutes enjoying this comprehensive update of activities.  Importantly, this newsletter also contains a 2017 Term One Planner with all of our key Term One dates noted.

We are currently enrolling for 2017 and have vacancies in our highly sought after Trade Training Centre certificate programs (Automotive and Metals and Engineering), along with vacancies in ATAR and General Pathway programs. If you are wishing to enrol your son or daughter at the College please contact our reception on 9 356 4900 to make an appointment to see Mrs Fiona Thomson, our Enrolment Coordinator.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the College staff, Board members, community members and business and industry representatives who have supported our students this year.  I would also like to thank parents, family members and care givers who have played a very important role in working with us to ensure each and every student at Sevenoaks can reach his or her full potential and successfully move along their learning continuum.  Your support is vital as we work hard to help your child achieve their best.

I look forward to working with everyone again in 2017 and I am especially looking forward to another exciting year of endeavour and achievement from our talented, creative students.  I will be available back at the College on Monday January 23 2017.




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2016 Term Three Message

Welcome to term three everyone; it is lovely to see staff and students back for another productive term.

Congratulations to the many students who achieved outstanding semester one results. Our recent College Assembly provided the appropriate opportunity to recognise those students awarded Achievement and Endeavour certificates for their semester one studies.

Term three is a ten week block for all students to complete necessary course work and VET units of competency so that students are well placed to gain the academic rewards they are capable of achieving. It is very important that students really apply themselves this term. Before you know it our Year 12 students will be completing their studies and will be preparing for their final examinations. Please seek out support from  teachers and Advocates who are only too willing to provide information and help.

This Thursday, July 28, we will welcome the Year 10 students from our two feeder schools, Yule Brook College and Cannington Community College. Students will spend the day at Sevenoaks where courses and programs will be showcased to help students learn more about the exciting opportunities here at Sevenoaks. Our general courses, Trade Training Centre VET qualifications, additional VET courses will all be presented by the staff who will be teaching the courses in 2017.

Also coming up is the Year 10 Parent Information Evening held on August 3 in the Sevenoaks Senior College lecture theatre (6.00 pm – 7.00 pm). This is an opportunity for parents of Year 10 students who will be coming to Sevenoaks in 2017 to learn more about our College and our programs.

Year 11 and 12 students who have not yet met the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) requirements will have another opportunity to take the various assessments from August 29 until September 2 2016.  Students will be notified as to when they need to attend the College library to sit these assessments.

I would like thank parents, business and industry representatives and community members for their on-going support of our College. Our proactive College Board works closely with the College leadership team to ensure that we are always focused on our goal of delivering a quality education for every child.  I am available to meet and speak with parents. If you would like to chat about an issue please just contact the College reception to make an appointment.



Integrated Science Excursion

As part of the Year 12 Integrated Science Unit 3 program students complete a study of ecology. Three classes attended the 15 March excursion to the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) which allowed students to observe the practical implications of these studies in ecology. This involved visiting the Kent Street Weir to compare the living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) factors of the ecosystem and analyse how the weir has impacted upon the natural environment.

This opportunity provided students with a truly authentic learning experience, as the upstream side of the river was experiencing an algal bloom – one of the greatest negative effects of human impact which causes extensive problems including fish kill. Students measured the abiotic factors using probes (temperature, pH and salinity), turbidity tubes and phosphate test kits to identify differences in the ecosystems.

The excursion encouraged students to have a great time outdoors, actively involved in hands-on, real life science.