You’ve seen a job ad, now what?

The number one thing to do after reading a job ad is to follow the instructions.  Do they require an online application or want an application form completed?  Maybe they want you to phone them or visit them in person during a particular time.  No matter what the situation, knowing how to complete an application letter and having an up to date resume is essential.

Application Letters

While most employers will ask for a resume, never underestimate the importance of an effective application letter.  These letters (sometimes referred to as a cover letter) allow you to quickly tell the employer what you are applying for and why you should be considered.  Effective letters will separate you from your competition.

While every letter is different, the overall format is somewhat consistent.  Below you can download cover letter instructions detailing the common format that is widely used.  In addition, there are two examples of application letters, one general and one trade.

Cover Letter Format         General Cover Letter Example        Trade Cover Letter Example

Resumes / CV

For almost all job applications a resume is required.

Use the following sample resumes as a starting point in producing your own resume.  In addition remember that your resume may need minor changes (especially in the Key Work Skills area) based on the type of job.

The document is a word document which will allow you to edit it and save for future reference.

Good Luck and remember if you need any assistance, see your Advocate or the College Careers Advisor – Mrs Earl

General Resume Template       Trade Resume Template        Apprenticeship Request Letter

You’ve got an interview, now what?

We’ve included three documents that will help you in preparing for your interview.  From initial preparation, beating your competitors and questions you may want to ask an employer at the actual interview.

Interview Preparation       Getting an Edge        Questions to ask at an interview