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Imagine getting free and personalised help from qualified tutors. is a free service that some local community libraries are providing.

To quote their website

“We connect thousands of students around Australia to tutors who provide instant help and coaching in all main subjects. Students and their parents love yourtutor because it’s a smart way to take the stress out of schoolwork and be better prepared for exams and tests. There’s nothing else like it in Australia!”

What you need:

You need to have a library membership card with one of the following libraries, as well as a computer with internet access.

City of Armadale Libraries
City of Canning Libraries
City of Joondalup Libraries
City of Stirling Libraries
City of Swan Libraries
City of Wanneroo Library Service
Town of Kwinana Public Library

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Subject Information

yourtutor is designed for students in Years 4 -12 and provides one-to-one academic support in the following subjects:

Maths – Yr 11-12 General maths
Maths – Yr 11-12 Intermediate maths
Maths – Yr 11-12 Specialist/Extension maths

Science – Yr 11-12 General Science
Science – Yr 11-12 Biology
Science – Yr 11-12 Chemistry
Science – Yr 11-12 Physics

General English
Essay Writing

Assignment Research:
(Finding information, organising reports/assignments, etc.)

Study Skills:
(Time management, note taking skills, revision techniques, etc.)

Apprenticeship Quizzes

Practice Aptitude Quizzes

Practice Aptitude Quizzes are a general resource designed to illustrate some of the key literacy, numeracy and comprehension learning standards required of people attempting an Australian Apprenticeships entry level qualification. Questions in these Quizzes are presented in the context of a specific industry sector. These industries include:

  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction
  • Animal Care
  • Business Services
  • Children’s Services
  • Electrical
  • Hospitality
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Retail Services

The Practice Aptitude Quizzes also provide industry specific careers information and links.

Current Skill Shortages in Australia

The Federal Government keeps an eye on which jobs are the easiest to get. This is good to keep in mind when you are thinking of your future career. For 2013 this is the current situation:

Employers recruiting in 2013 generally filled their vacancies with ease and had large fields of applicants from whom to choose. In 2013,

  • employers filled a higher proportion of vacancies than they have at any time in the last seven years
  • job seekers applying for skilled vacancies faced relatively strong competition, with an average of 13.9 applicants per vacancy.

There is less competition in the following areas:

  • Automotive Trades
  • Food Trades
  • Hairdressers

There is a large amount of competition in the following jobs:

  • School Teachers
  • ICT Professions
  • Nurses

Perth is in the top three most competitive job markets in Australia.

For further information click here.

2014 Student Guild Elected

Last Teusday the year 11s and staff voted for the 13 students who nominated for this year’s Guild. After tense competition from very good candidates 6 students were elected.

Student Guild Sevenoaks Senior CollegeThe 2014 Student Guild are:

Hillman Isvandiar
Julian Tan
Vito Yusuf
Melissa Staniland
Brayden Jones
Lyndon Issaacs
Lily Noordin
Ba Blu Poe
Pamela Sawie
Tarsha Ford
Nathan Lazzarini
Sarah Campbell

Harmony Day Festival Success

Thank you for all the staff and students who made last week’s festival such a successful and fun day. We hope that you got to try something new, such as the European craze of bubble soccer, an Italian pizza bianca, belly dancing, sumo wrestling, boomerang dot painting, crocodile sausages, handling an Australian snake, umbrella painting, or Asian or Middle Eastern food.

These were just some of the highlights of the festival. I hope that you learnt something new about another culture and will continue to explore our amazing world and the many cultures within it.

Many thanks to the staff and students who made it possible!

Uni success for Sevenoaks students

Sevenoaks Senior College was the top state school in WA in regards to how many of our year 12 ATAR students received their first university preferences for 2014. 87% of our 43 students sitting university entrance exams got into the university course of their choice, which was equal third in all schools in the state! A record 100% of students who applied for UWA entrance were successful and 90% for Curtin.

The driving reason behind this success is due to the career counselling that is offered at Sevenoaks, provided by Mrs Brenda Earl. The support and advice that is offered to our students is one of the best in WA. Mrs Earl is available for individual counselling appointments Monday to Friday.

Congratulations to all our graduated students as they embark on their new higher education journey.


Mathematics Whizzes

maths whizOn August 1, thirteen year 11 and 12 Stage 2 and 3 Mathematics students entered the Australian Mathematics Competition, under the guidance of their teacher Ms Sue Leith. Students from year 3 to year 12 compete on the same day, making it possibly one of the largest single events on the Australian education calendar. It tests everything from basic numeracy skills through to advanced problem solving.

Five of our students obtained a Distinction Certificate:
• Pauline [year 12] (top 7% of WA)
• Nathan [year 12] (top 7%)
• Zuyu [year 11] (top 12%)
• Mary [year 11] (top 19%)
• Dai [year 12] (top 25%)

Other students who received a Credit and Pass were Isabel [year 11], Aldo [year 12], Jun [year 12], Zach [year 12], Leon [year 12], Ameliah [year 12], Say Say [year 12] and Christian [year 12]. The whole group are a testimant to hard work and dedication towards their subject. Congratulations and well done!

Aboriginal Innovative Schools Launch

Over the past couple of years, Sevenoaks Senior College and Yule Brook College and their Aboriginal communities have been developing a partnership agreement that was launched in our College courtyard on October 31. The Aboriginal School Community Partnership Agreement is underpinned by the following principles:

Successful transitions lead to successful life outcomes.
Student needs are at the heart of all program connections and mentoring across the colleges.
Our communities are committed to learning together.
Opportunities to share, understnad and celebrate the local Noongar culture are conducted in a manner that is respectful and consistent with the reconciliation process.
Respect for the values of cross-cultural learning develops and promotes effective communication.
The launch was a celebratory event with special guests, including Ken Wyatt AM MP, and students and staff from both schools. We were treated to fantastic performances from student groups, the Black Swan Theatre and the Yonga Boys, and a unique symbolic mosaic, created by a local indiginous artist, was unveiled.