On the round table in the Library are the University files for you to read to see what degrees are on offer and the Indicative ATAR required for 2016 entry. Where applicable, I have included the ATAR score of the last person to be accepted in the course.

For example,

  • CURTIN 2015 ATAR for Midwifery was 80 – last person in at ATAR 91. The 2016 ATAR for Midwifery is now 88.
  • ECU 2015 ATAR for Electrical Engineering was 70 – last person in at ATAR 92.65. The 2016 entry remains at 70.
  • ECU 2015 ATAR for Computer Systems Engineering was 75 – last person in 88. The 2016 entry remains at 75.

The made-up files are:

CURTIN: Business, Humanities/Arts and Health Sciences

ECU: Biology & Environmental Sciences, Business, Communications & Arts, Computing & Security, Engineering & Technology, Exercise & Health Sciences, Law & Justice, Medical & Paramedical Sciences, Nursing & Midwifery, Planning, Psychology & Social Sciences, and Teacher Education.

MURDOCH: Arts, Business, Engineering and Law

NOTRE DAME: Arts & Sciences, Business, Health Sciences and School of Medicine.

All ATAR Year 12s should by now have scheduled an appointment with Mrs Earl to discuss their University options after the 1st semester results, and have picked up the 5 University Prospective handbooks to choose those options.  All ATAR Year 11’s should be prepared to do the same.