As a senior campus, Sevenoaks breaks new ground in Western Australia secondary education with its focus on industry and community partnerships, enterprise initiatives, technology and online learning capacities. The college is an Independent Public School and therefore has the unique advantage of being able to make employment decisions at the local level.  A largely permanent staff enjoy teaching at Sevenoaks and because of this there are few staff changes in any given year. Sevenoaks is a young organisation that has had the privileged opportunity to build a culture from the ground up.  The Sevenoaks team is united in its belief that this college should be a place where people are valued, cared for and given a starting point for a journey of lifelong learning.    Beyond the ultra modern, business-like buildings, Sevenoaks has employed a varied group of professional educators and administrators.  It is people, not machines and structures that make a difference.  Therefore Sevenoaks has a team of highly motivated and dedicated staff with an impressive range of experience and skills.  All staff have access to information technology through the availability of laptops, wired and wireless networks, innovative telephony and access to full time IT support staff.  The key characteristics of our senior college are:

  • The innovative use of technology to support each student educational program
  • The importance placed on vocational learning for all students and provision made for students to undertake learning in the workplace
  • The relevance of the learning that takes place at the college to post-school destinations
  • The needs of students and their transition to further study and work will be met through
  • A unique advocacy program that ensures students are strongly supported so they can optimise their performance
  • The college resources being available across an extended day
  • Innovative timetabling that enables independent learning with information technology support
  • Study programs that allow courses to be completed in shorter and longer time periods
  • Partnerships with business, other training institutions and universities that provide students with access to the best tuition and business expertise available
  • Providing opportunities for students to integrate vocational learning across all subjects providing opportunities for students to change programs if necessary
  • Research based decision making and planning.

When various teaching positions do become available teachers are encouraged to have a thorough understanding of the unique scope and context of the position. In addition it is expected that prospective staff members read the College Business Plan and Annual Report to gain further insight into our unique campus.

Positions Available:

English Teacher


Teacher Relief

Looking to do Teacher Relief?  Sevenoaks presents a fresh new approach to senior schooling in Western Australia. The College caters for up to 600 Year 11 and Year 12 students from across the metropolitan area. The College is located near the Cannington train station. It is the local school for students from Cannington and Maddington areas.

Our vision is to empower our students through their engagement in education and training so that they fulfil their own educational, career and social expectations and participate positively in Australian society.

We are a very dynamic and diverse educational community, with students and their teachers – together with their parents, community members and industry partners – all working collaboratively within a team environment. Sevenoaks SC offers a suite of programs involving a comprehensive range of WACE courses, Industry Access and programs in our Trade Training Centre and our International Centre. Sevenoaks also has a comprehensive Follow the Dream program for our Aboriginal students. Check out our Website for programs offered at the College.

So if you are interested, please complete the attached form and together, with a copy of your current CV/Resume, Working With Children Card and Teacher Registration Board letter, email Tona Lewis or paperwork can be posted to the College or handed in at the College reception.