Warm greetings to students, staff and parents!  Term two is upon us and so to some refreshing, much needed rain. Term two presents another important block of time for learning and skill development and I hope all students take advantage of their time here at College including spending free zones in the College library, meeting with their teachers or advocates.

It was terrific to see so many parents at our term one progress report evening. I am sure the information provided by staff will help students continue to move along their learning continuum and achieve success with their studies.

Term two is a very important term with Year 12 and Year 11 exams occurring in weeks 6 and 7. Also this year many students will be participating in Externally Set Tasks, a new requirement of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA).

I am delighted that so many students have taken the opportunity to attend our University Pathway presentations as well as the Elevate study support sessions that have been occurring each Wednesday afternoon.  I am also pleased that our after school Australian Rules Football (AFL) and soccer sports programs will start again this term. I looking forward to watching the action!

Currently our Hospitality Centre is undergoing a complete refurbishment and we are very much looking forward to our new cooking area which we hope will be completed by the end of May. Some students are enjoying using the catering facilities located at the Cannington Leisureplex until this work is completed.

Parents and students are reminded that the speed zone in our campus is 8 km.  Please be very careful as you drive in our College grounds. Students are also reminded they should not cross over Sevenoaks Street right outside the College gates as they move towards the Cannington train and bus station. Sevenoaks Street is a very busy road. All students should walk to the traffic lights and cross when the lights indicate.

I’m looking forward to walking around classrooms this term and chatting with students about what they are studying.  Parents are reminded that if they would like to speak with me I am available and happy to make time to catch up.

Dr Kath Partridge