Dr. Kath Partridge

What a great start to the year! It is lovely to see everyone enjoying catching up with old friends and meeting new friends here at Sevenoaks. Classes are underway and already students are working hard on their first tasks and assignments. I am delighted to welcome our new students, but I am also delighted to welcome several new staff members this year. Our new teachers are; Mr Armstrong (Hospitality and Business), Mr Dart (Mathematics and Science), Ms Janfaza (English, Trade Training Centre), Mr Middleton (Physical Education and Health), Ms Peacock (Dance, Health and Physical Education), Ms Smedley (Science) and Ms Wallis (English as an Additional Language/Dialect). Welcome also to Mr Con Regan (Director, Sevenoaks Clontarf Football Academy) and Ms Niamh Parsons our new Youth Worker.

I am very happy to share with students and parents’ the news that all thirty six of our 2015 Year 12 ATAR students were offered university placements along with thirty eight non-ATAR students accessing university via preparation programs (11 in Murdoch On-Track, 14 in Curtin Uni-Ready, 3 in Curtin Enabling Science program and 10 in Edith Cowan’s Uni Pathway program). Another wonderful story is the graduation of all seventeen Aboriginal students with the WACE in 2015. This is a tremendous outcome so too the WACE graduation of six students from our Canning Skills Engagement program.

If you have had a chance to look at the term one planner on the back of the term four newsletter we are in for a big and busy time over the next ten weeks. Once again all students will participate in our weekly Advocacy program Difference Differently. These modules are designed to help equip students and staff with greater skills and knowledge to better understand the social and cultural diversity of our College population. Recently teachers at the College participated in professional learning conducted by Curtin University to enable them to facilitate the delivery of these modules.

So, what is happening in term one?
16 February Year 12 Student Guild Elections
17 February Information Evening for Parents of ATAR students
8 March College Assembly
8 March Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) begins in College library
11 March Year 12 Ball (Novotel Langley)
22 March Year 11 Student Guild Elections
23 March Sevenoaks Harmony Day Festival
31 March and 1 April Student Guild Camp
6 April Term One Progress Report Night

I am sure all of our students will enjoy participating in a number of these events. Our annual Harmony Day Festival is not to be missed. Parents and community members will also have the opportunity to enjoy this vibrant, colourful celebration of our cultural diversity.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with students, parents and caregivers throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues and please feel free to make an appointment to speak with me if you have the need.